About Us

About Cherokee Senior Softball Association

The Cherokee Senior Softball Association (CSSA) established 1995, is a voluntary organization formed for the purpose of promoting and playing slowpitch softball for men aged 49 and older.  We are a non-profit group, which relies solely on player fees and volunteers who contribute their time, talents and resources to undertake all organizational, administrative, and management functions. 

A written Constitution and By-Laws govern the CSSA.  It has Rules of Play, which supplements the ASA and ISA rulebooks,  but allowing for the adoption of specific rules for our local situation.  It maintains a good working relationship with the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Authority (CRPA) to insure access to the ball fields of Hobgood Park, which are in great demand. 

CSSA has recruited local businesses to sponsor teams, with plaques available for display at the League Championship Team sponsors’ place of business.  Currently, 32 team sponsors and a few non-team contributors exist permitting player fees to be kept to a minimum, while still allowing CSSA to run on sound financial basis. Please support these businesses with your patronage and thanks. 

Each season, the CSSA strives to put in place Leagues/Teams with competitive balance and not based on age. While this effort is, experience has shown,  essential to maintain the quality, integrity and enjoyment of the season.  We continue this mandate of equitable competitive balance as many groups are based on player ages.

Also your help is needed!  With each year, our membership continues to grow and CSSA has many positions in need of volunteers, ranging from Board of Directors Officers to Chairmen and members of our several committees to Team Managers and Assistant Managers.  It is not enough to pay your fees and just play ball; Leagues, Teams, schedules, Scorekeepers,  doesn’t happen by magic.  A few are carrying the “load” for the many, and for CSSA to continue being a premier softball organization, more volunteers are needed. While the work won’t always be easy, it can be very rewarding, so volunteer, — do your part, — contribute, share new ideas for the continuing growth and success of the CSSA!