By Laws

To carry out the provisions of the Constitution, the following By-Laws are adopted for the conduct and administration of the business of the Association: 

1. Payment of Expenses: No Officer or member of the Board of Directors shall serve with pay; however, financial reimbursement shall be made, when properly receipted, for any expense incurred and paid by an Officer or member in the conduct of the business of the Association. Expenses paid shall have prior approval of the Board. Exception: The Commissioner shall have the right to spend $150.00 without prior approval of the Board to pay for expenses of the CSSA. The Commissioner shall provide to the Treasurer written receipts for such spending. The Board may alter this spending limit in any given year. Such alteration of this limit shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.

2. Fees: Reasonable fees shall be charged and collected from each member in an amount determined by the Board of Directors (BOD) taking into consideration the cost of team entry into league play, the administrative expenses of the Association, and such other expenses related to each member’s participation as the BOD deems to be appropriate. Such fees may be levied on an annual basis or charged per softball season of play.

3. Treasurer Reporting Requirements: The Treasurer shall provide to the Commissioner, at least quarterly, a statement of the revenue and expenses of the association along with copies of the Reconciled Bank Statements for the period. The Commissioner and one other Board member shall examine these documents and report to the Board on their accuracy at the next Board meeting. Only the Treasurer or his designee shall accept cash on behalf of the Association. Everyone authorized to accept cash must maintain a monthly “cash log” and must only accept cash if the payer records his name, date and amount on that log. These logs are to be provided to the Commissioner at the next monthly Board meeting. All cash and checks must be deposited within 10 days after the end of the month received, or the Treasurer must provide a written explanation to the Board for the exception. Cash must be deposited separate from checks to make it easier to match up with the “Cash Logs”. 

4. Rules of Play: The Association shall play under the rules established for slow pitch softball by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), except for local rules established by the the local park authorities
5. Team Rosters:a. Forming Teams: When possible, teams should be comprised of not more than 15, nor fewer than 12 players. League Directors shall establish a specific roster size for each league each season, and together with team managers, shall be responsible for the assignment of players to teams.  All players who are active and participated in the previous season; then are released and not drafted the following season will go into a replacement player list. If a player who is cut and doesn’t want to drop down to another league, they will go into Replacement Player List for that league they were cut from. The assignment process utilized shall be approved by the BOD for each softball season, league and team.

b. Excess Players: The names of players who are accepted into the Association while a season is underway shall be placed on a “Replacement Player List” once their ability-level has been evaluated.

c. Roster Deletions: During a season, players assigned to a team may, for a variety of reasons, be forced to discontinue play. These players may be deleted from a team’s roster providing the player’s withdrawal from competition is determined to be for one of the following reasons: 

i. Player Injury: A player has been injured, on the field or elsewhere, and the recovery period for that injury will equal or exceed the weeks remaining in the season.ii. Players Request: A player that does not desire to participate on the team he is assigned, for whatever reason, has the right to not participate. Such player will be required to sit out and not participate in CSSA for one year. In the case of extenuating circumstances, this ruling can be overridden by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. Exception: A player who has played on the same team for 2 or more seasons may request to be traded or put into the draft without penalty

iii. Outside the Sport Demands: Off-field events such as illness in the family, work demands, etc. 

iv. No Shows: Players who are no shows and fail to appear for play in 3 consecutive games or more, may be replaced after a request is made by the Manager.

d. Replacing Players: A player deleted from a team roster in accordance with the above paragraph may be replaced with a player awaiting assignment on the Replacement Player List, if any are available. The effected team’s manager should notify his League Director of his situation. During the first three-quarters of the season the League Director shall consult the Replacement Player List and assign any available player whose ability level most closely matches the player lost. In the case where such a player is not listed, a player of lesser ability may be designated. In no case will a player of superior ability be provided unless the competitive balance of the teams demands otherwise. At the discretion of the League Director and keeping equality of player talent level for each team within the league, a replacement player of superior ability may be placed on a team in obvious need to achieve competitive balance. In the final quarter of the season, the League Director may elect to not provide any replacements.

e. New Players: Individuals who have never played, or who have not played on a CSSA sponsored team within the last two full softball seasons, shall be considered new players at the time they apply to play. New players may not be assigned to a team until their ability-level has been assessed by a minimum of three (3) experienced players designated by the commissioner or a league director, and once assigned, may not play until all fees are paid. New players arriving after the rosters are set will be assigned to a team at the discretion of the League Director, with the prime consideration being to maintain or improve league balance. He may assign them until the next draft or league player assignment. 

f. Change of League Play by a player 

i. Players who volunteer to move from one league to another may not be assigned to a team until their ability-level has been assessed by at least three (3) experienced players designated by the League Director, or an evaluation from the previous league managers has been made. Once assigned, the player/s may not play until fees are paid.

ii. Players not drafted in their current league and are eligible for a draft to another league need to have their ability-level evaluated by at least three (3) experienced players designated by the League Director, or an evaluation from the previous league managers has been made. The evaluation does not require a field try out and should be based on previous player stats. Once assigned, the player/s may not play until fees are paid.

g. Player Trade: All player trades must have the approval of individual player’s and the managers of the teams involved. The League Director(s) is to be notified and, as soon as possible, the other league managers are polled as to trade approval. A majority vote in favor will allow the League Director to notify the BOD for approval of the trade. 

6. Registration Fees: CSSA fees for player participation in each softball season must be paid to the Treasurer, or his representative, by the designated date as set by the Treasurer, or prior to the first game of such season. Players applying to play after the season has begun shall pay fees pro-rated on the length of the season remaining at the time they are assigned to a team. Pro-rated fees shall be set by the BOD. Players on the replacement player list shall pay their season fees at the time they are assigned to a team, but in any event prior to participation in any game. Exceptions may be enacted by the BOD.

7. Organizing Teams: The BOD shall determine the method and manner of assignment of players to new teams and/or leagues, using as their primary criteria the competitive balance of the league. The League Directors and team managers will implement such player assignments following the directives of the BOD. 

8. Team Managers: Team players who are unhappy with the manager of their team may petition the Board of Directors through the Player Representative and the League Director to remove the manager. The petition must be signed by a majority of the players, not including the manager. The petition must state the reason or reasons for requesting the manager be removed and must provide the name of a replacement manager. The Board will then review the petition and provide a decision. Two thirds vote from the BOD is required.

a. For teams without a manager, the majority of the players of that team will choose their manager. This selection will either be accepted or rejected by the League Director and the Board. 

b. For newly created teams, an interim manager will be appointed by the Board until the players of the new team either select a new manager or confirm the Board appointed manager. 

9. Uniforms & Equipment: Every effort will be made to have uniform identity for each softball team, attempting to have a cap and numbered shirt in each team’s name and color. No member shall be required to purchase more than a cap and shirt. League Directors will approve team color and style of caps and shirts to avoid duplication or confusion. 

10. Sponsors: Upon the approval of the BOD, teams may secure sponsors who will provide uniforms and equipment for the members of the team. All such items must conform to CSSA policies. The BOD reserves the right to secure a sponsor willing to provide uniforms and/or equipment for an entire league or all CSSA teams; in such case, the BOD secured sponsor shall be the only sponsor permitted for the team(s), league(s) or entire Association as designated by the BOD. 

11. Discipline: It is expected that all CSSA members will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the highest standards of courtesy, integrity and sportsmanship. Players who are ejected from a game or violate these standards of conduct at any time are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors and/or the CRPA. Any player who is ejected from a game will be suspended from playing in the next game for his team, scheduled, play off, or first game of the following season. If a player is ejected a second time within the same softball season, he will go before the BOD who will determine the player’s period of suspension. The BOD will have the authority to ban a player from participation in any team, league or activities of the CSSA. Any player ejected from a game must immediately leave the Hobgood Park Complex (or other park complex) and may not return until his suspension has been served in full. 

a. When a player has not been ejected from a softball game, but has otherwise displayed inappropriate conduct, the player will receive a verbal warning for the first incident, a letter of warning for the second incident, and dismissal from the CSSA upon the third incident. Such actions will be carried out in a manner determined by the BOD upon review of each incident. In the event the misconduct warrants quick or more severe action in the sole opinion of a majority of the BOD, the BOD reserves the right to determine and carryout appropriate disciplinary action regarding that player. 

12. Individual Awards: To be selected for an individual award a player can only miss one game in a nine or less game season. A player can only miss two games in a ten or more-game season. If a player played on a team whose game was forfeited, that game shall be counted as a game played and shall not be considered a missed game. Players must have been present and on the legal lineup card of the non-forfeiting team, to be given credit for a game played. Missed games shall include any game where a player is not in the regular batting order. 

a. The Arnold Fowler Award: The Arnold Fowler is an annual award and is the most prestigious award of the CSSA that honors one player, chosen by his peers, who demonstrated the qualities of integrity, dedication, teamwork, and the other intangibles to a high degree. Written nominations are accepted by BOD members throughout the calendar year. CSSA members during that calendar year shall cast vote on the nominees. The Secretary shall determine the method and/or manner of voting. The nominee receiving the most votes will be awarded the Arnold Fowler award.

b. The Batting Champion Award: Awarded to the player of each league with the highest batting average as determined by the league statisticians for each season of play.

c. The Most Valuable Player Award: Awarded to a player of the championship team of each league as determined by the players and manager of the championship team for each season of play.

13. Equipment: The BOD shall determine the policy on equipment limitations applicable to all respective leagues. 

14. Game Postponements: Scheduled games may be postponed due to inclement weather, CRPA needs, or other unforeseen circumstances. The Commissioner, in the interest of safety and as necessary, utilizing good judgment, may postpone games as required. In the absence of the Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioner or other members of the BOD may also postpone games in the interest of safety and as necessary, utilizing good judgment, may act on behalf of the Commissioner. Whenever possible, the decision to postpone games should be of a mutual consensus between BOD members and managers.

a. The Commissioner will have responsibility of rescheduling postponed games while coordinating with CRPA representatives.

b. Every effort to play all games will be made. If this is not possible, the Commissioner will have responsibility of determining the importance of each game to be rescheduled in respect to games determining final rankings of possible championship position within each league. Priority shall be place on games whereas the outcome will determine league championship.

c. The Commissioner may reschedule all games as many times as required in the interest of equal play between teams within their perspective leagues.

d. When teams do not play the same number of games due to postponements not being replayed, final league rankings will be determined by paragraph 15. (Rankings) of these by-laws.

e. Any unforeseen problems brought to attention to the BOD concerning game postponements will be decided by the BOD during the last scheduled BOD meeting before the end of the scheduled season in question. All decisions made by the BOD shall be supported by two thirds vote of the BOD and are final.

15. Rankings: Each team shall be ranked within their league based on their win-loss percentage. Teams with the same winning percentage shall be ranked by head to head record, NET RUNS differential between tying teams earned during scheduled league play, e.g., runs for minus runs against, and lastly by a coin toss. The team with the highest ranking shall have earned the right to be the home team in all position round games and playoff games.

16. Playoffs: When two or more teams have the same league leading win-loss record at the end of the season the championship will be determined in the following manner, depending on the number of tied teams and with the higher ranked team being the home team in all games.

a. Two Teams: A single game playoff for the championship.

b. Three Teams: The two lower ranked teams will play a single game, with the winner playing a single game against the highest ranked team for the championship.

c. Four Teams: The highest and lowest ranked teams shall play, and the second and third ranked teams shall play, with the two winners playing a single championship game.

d. Playoff dates and times shall be arranged and scheduled by the Commissioner or his delegate (who is not a member or manager of any of the playoff teams) in cooperation with the involved team managers.

e. There shall be no game time limit for Championship games.