Article I 

The Name: The name of this organization shall be referred to as the Cherokee Senior Softball Association (CSSA). 

Article II

Purpose: The purpose of the Association is to provide an opportunity for all able-bodied senior men, age 50 and over, to play organizational softball. 

Article III

Membership & Eligibility: A person becomes eligible for Association membership if he attains the age of 50 years, or is older, at any time during the current calendar year. Upon request, each person must provide proof of age via written document(s) (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) satisfactory to a member of the Board of Directors or its appointed representative. In addition to age verification, each person shall pay any duly authorized Association fees or charges for seasonal softball play, and waive his rights to claims against the Association. No person will be deemed an Association member or allowed to participate in any Association softball game until all fees and/or charges are paid in full and a written waiver is given, as certified by the Treasurer. Membership will be on a seasonal basis. A member may be removed from membership for cause, that is conduct unbecoming to the CSSA or the local park authorties. The removal is only if approved by two thirds of the CSSA Board of Directors.

Article IVRelationship to the local park authorities: The CSSA while participating in softball will cooperate with local park authority’s rules.
Article V

Governing Body: The business of the Association shall be conducted by the Board of Directors (BOD), comprised of the following Officers: Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Secretary, and Player Representative. In addition, each League shall have one League Director on the Board. Each Officer and League Director shall be elected for a term of one (1) year and shall have one (1) vote on all business matters brought before the BOD. Nominations for all board positions –  Nominees must submit their qualifications and reasons for wanting to serve on BOD.  Nominees must be approved by BOD to be put on ballot.  Nominees must receive a 2/3 vote for Executive Committee positions and a majority vote for all other positions.

Article VI

Other Board Members and Committees: The BOD shall also appoint for each calendar year a person to the position of Historian, which will be a non-voting member of the BOD. From time to time, the BOD may create (and subsequently terminate) functional committees to assist in the administration and/or work of the Association. Committee Chairmen and Committee members shall be appointed (and subsequently terminated) by a majority of the BOD. 

Article VII

Duties of the Board of Directors: The BOD will be responsible for the administration of all business matters relating to the activities of the Association, as well as the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the Association. The BOD shall conduct the business of the Association between Annual General Meetings. 

The Board of Directors shall meet periodically as called into session by the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner. Any Association member may attend any BOD meeting, unless the meeting has been announced as a “closed meeting”. Matters involving personnel or disciplinary action will generally be the basis of a “closed meeting”. A meeting of the BOD may also be called at any time provided a majority of the Officers agree to the calling of such meeting. 

In matters of an emergency nature which require prompt action, the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, and Treasurer, acting together as an Executive Committee, may respond and act in lieu of a meeting of the entire BOD. All actions taken by the Executive Committee in such an emergency must be reported in full at the next BOD meeting. 

The Board of Directors shall have authority over any decision made by an Officer or League Director, and may alter or reverse such decision(s) as deemed appropriate by the BOD. 

All BOD and Executive Committee meetings will be conducted under and governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. The BOD shall designate one BOD member to act as parliamentarian for all issues regarding Robert’s Rules of Order. Amendments: The CSSA Constitution, Rules of Play, and By-Laws may be amended and approved if a quorum of Board members (a quorum is defined as 50% plus 1 members of the BOD) are available and two-thirds (2/3) vote to approve provided there has been a reasonable period of time of not less than 7 days and no more than 60 days for consideration of the amendment.

If no decision is made at the end of the sixty (60) day period, the amendment is dead and previous CSSA Constitution, Rules of Play, and/or By-Laws directives will remain in effect as previously stated or not stated.? The admendment my be reconsidered if presented to the board after 30 days have passed.

Article VIII

Duties of the Officers and League Directors:

Commissioner: The Commissioner shall preside at all meetings of the Association. The Commissioner shall have such authority granted by the BOD to rule in business matters of concern to the Association between scheduled meetings of the BOD, including matters regarding membership, team rosters, and/or rules interpretations that may arise during the course of a CSSA softball game. 

Assistant Commissioner: The Assistant Commissioner shall preside in the absence of the Commissioner. In such situations, the Assistant Commissioner shall have the full Authority of the Office of the Commissioner, including matters regarding membership, team rosters, and/or rules interpretations that may arise during the course of a CSSA softball game. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies of the Association and maintain the official written financial records of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a checking account for the Association and shall provide regular written financial reports to the BOD.

The Treasurer shall collect, or cause to be collected, from each person any league fees or charges levied for softball season play and ensure the age of each person seeking membership in the Association has been verified by a BOD member, or appointed representative of the BOD. Upon receipt of all funds due, verification of age, and any required waivers, the Treasurer shall certify such person(s) to be members of the Association and eligible for softball play for the appropriate season. 

The Treasurer shall ensure that all financial records are properly reported to the appropriate government tax agencies each year and no later than the specified time requirements of each tax agency.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record all pertinent information relative to the business matters of the Association, including the recording and maintaining of the official minutes of all BOD meetings. 

Player Representative: The Player Representative shall maintain a liaison relationship with the Association softball players, team managers, and League Directors in order to present to the Officers and BOD all matters of concern, as well as assist in the communication and implementation of BOD rules and regulations. 

League Director: Each League Director shall be responsible for the orderly operation and administration of his designated softball league, including implementation of player assignment procedures, unique league rules or equipment criteria, and player recruitment. Each League Director shall present all matters of concern to the BOD and assist in the communication and implementation of BOD rules and regulations. League Directors can be voted by only respected League Members (i.e. Master players only vote on Master Directors, Gold Senior players only vote on Gold Senior Director, etc.) Vote to be taken before the end of the Fall season if there is more than one person nominated.

Article IX

General Meetings: The Association shall have an Annual General Meeting each year following the end of play for that calendar year. The purpose of this General Meeting shall be fellowship, awards and recognition, and such other business as may come before the membership. All persons who became members during the calendar year may vote on matters of business that comes before the membership at the Annual General Meeting. 

Article X

Leagues of the Association: The Association shall organize softball leagues, which may be based on the criteria of age, ability, or such other characteristics as the BOD may, from time to time, so determine. A league will exist when there are a sufficient number of players within the designated criteria to form at least two (2) teams. The BOD will determine whether, and under what conditions, a player may participate in more than one CSSA league.
 Article XIManagers Rules of Conduct. Role in CSSAExecute the mission of CSSA by insuring that all players are enjoying playing softball and that every member assigned to the manager’s team is treated fairly and with respect.Coordinates with other managers and League Director to maintain a competitive balance within the league and promotes good sportsmanship through their conduct and the players on the team.Provides direction in competition for the teamSupports the rules and policies of CSSADuties as ManagerCommunicates rules to players on his assigned teamWorks collaboratively with the League Director and other managers in player evaluationsCollects fees from players and submits to League Director before play beginsCommunicates with players to have at least the minimum of players for every scheduled game.  Obtains extra players in accordance with League rules for substitutes.Prepares and provides lineup card to scorekeeper and opposing team manager prior to start of the game.  Provides umpires with new ball from inventory provided by the LeagueProvides a bench coach to ensure that on deck hitters are ready to bat when it is their turn and that bats used by the previous hitter are returned to the bat “rack”.   Works with the bench coach to ensure that courtesy runners are ready when needed.Ensure the safety and conduct of the team’s players ejecting players for arguing with umpires or taunting other playersCollect team shirts at end of season for use the following seasonAccountabilityManagers serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors