Lowell Lawson Award

In January 1995, the first Cherokee Senior Softball Association, Inc. (CSSA) meeting was held at CRPA in Woodstock, Georgia. Lowell F. Lawson had a dream and a vision to create the first Senior Softball Organization in Cherokee County.

Thursday, March 16, 1995, the first organized practice was held with eight participants. Lowell was gratified to see his dream begin.
The Lowell Lawson Award is based on his belief that there are many who wish to participate, but very few willing to take the leadership role to plan, implement and maintain the organization.
This award is established to recognize those individuals who take the extra steps to ensure the organization flourishes. Those chosen for this award have made a significant and lasting impact on or off the field of play for the association.
These individuals, through their devotion and hard work have earned the respect and admiration of their fellow organizational members. Due to the nature of these accomplishments the credit does not always go to these individuals.
Recognition in this environment is generally hidden. There are very few having access to these accomplishments and aware of such deeds.  Therefore, the voting for this reward is limited to Board Members and Team Managers.
Each submitted nominee requires a written detailed justification.
This Award therefore is the highest honor in CSSA.


2019 – Jerry King -Team Sponsor LLLeague
2018 – Mike Parson, BOD Nat’l Director
2017 –  Warren Butler, BOD
2016 –  Ray Deluca
2015 – Paul Knotts